LWP: Rare Bracelet

LWP: Rare Bracelet

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Wear a shimmering reminder of the natural beauty of the sea on your sleeve. Revel in your unique talents and valuable contributions. Realize you’re a rare pearl, just waiting to show off your inner glow. This bracelet is handcrafted from freshwater pearls, displaying exquisite luster and resilient nacre.

Each piece is perfectly imperfect—no two pearls look the same.

Handle with care! Our delicate freshwater pearl bracelets require gentle handling to maintain their beauty. Please avoid overstretching them to keep them looking their best.

• Hand-crafted, freshwater pearl beaded bracelet
• Plated brass hardware
• Elastic stretch bracelet
• Handle with care - do not wet
• Prop 65 compliant

  • Register your Word via the unique code on your bracelets disc charm
  • Wear to promote self love and mental wellness
  • Share with someone who needs it more.. When you pass it on - let them know to register the code so you can see where your bracelet goes!